1. No flexi-leashes: All dogs must be on a leash at all times, no excuses! Leashes can be no longer than 6 feet.
  2. All dogs must have a rabies vaccination. We can not make you immunize your pet for distemper or kennel cough, although we strongly recommend that you do.
  3. Neither Thirsty Goat nor Fetch is responsible for either if your pet should contract any disease , including fleas, ticks or worms, while on our premises.
  4. If your dog is not dog friendly/people friendly please do not bring them as we will not be responsible for any dog conflicts while you are on our premises.
  5. Dogs are not allowed inside our establishment.
  6. You are responsible for your dogs poop. Please find a dog poop bag, they will be provided in specific grass area, and discard accordingly in the garbage that we have provided.
  7. We are not responsible for anything that is lost or stolen during this event, including your pet.
  8. Do not smoke outside of the designated smoking area, the patio is not a smoking area, or you will be asked to leave on behalf of our pets and guests.
  9. No feeding of dogs of off plates will be tolerated: please leave the people food and pet food separate or you will be asked to leave. These are rules of the health department.
  10. There will be special water areas that are cleaned throughout the event; owners may water there pets with personal bowls as well.  Other pet drinks are not allowed.
  11. No dogs are allowed in our pond.

Please understand this is a “rescued dogs” show. Behave accordingly!

You must agree to these rules to attend the event with your dog(s).

Please check box to verify that you understand the requirements/rules for attending the Fetch Wisconsin Fundraiser at The Thirsty Goat, 3040 Cahill Main Fitchburg, Wisconsin,53711

Thank You,
Erin Randel and Caroline Clanton