About Us

Dave Schutz is the developer behind the Hatchery Hill mixed-use development that includes the Thirsty Goat. He also owns Wyndham Garden Inn, Hawthorn Suites and Tuscany Mediterranean Grill. He has over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

Who is The Thirsty Goat?

When Dave first started experimenting with home-brewing, he lived out in rural Black Earth and was surrounded by farm country. His neighbor had goats that often got out of their pens and wandered the neighborhood. One particular goat seemed to wander over more often, perhaps due to the smell of hops coming from Dave’s house.

After brewing a particularly large batch, Dave decided to move the bottling buckets onto his patio where his friends were going to help him with the bottling. When the group moved outside to begin the work, they were surprised to find the neighbor goat sucking on the spigot of one of the bottling buckets. No matter how much they shooed him away, that goat just kept wandering back!

The goat and Dave remained on friendly terms, but Dave was a little more careful about leaving his beer around untended.

Some of this actually happened.

Jeff Whitford

Jeff Whitford - Head Chef

    Caroline Clanton

    Caroline Clanton - General Manager

    No goats were harmed in the making of this website.